At the core of our company is a deep-seated commitment to learning and growth, to being ahead of the curve in the businesses we are in. This commitment translates into business excellence when analytics, technology, operations, and medical expertise come seamlessly together to create value solutions for our customers worldwide.



We use analytics to help customers guide their decision making, whether it is to help them understand multichannel marketing ROI, health risk, channel mix, HCP segments, or building models for business planning using predictive models.

We rely on advanced, cutting-edge models and algorithms to describe the past, analyze the present, and predict the future.

When you join our analytics group, you will enhance customer success using big data, health economics, risk assessment, forecasting, outcomes assessment, or customer engagement models.



Our cutting-edge technology group is responsible for building and maintaining a range of innovative products.

Several of our new products are built using Hadoop, Hive, JQuery, and AngularJS. Our technology expertise is backed by deep domain understanding and market insights, which significantly improves the success of our product strategy.

When you join our technology group, you will live the unique opportunity of creating differentiated products that have the impact to change the way healthcare businesses are done.



Our Operations and Delivery team is a multicultural global team of experts across varied business areas.

Our team is geographically distributed in North America, China and India. With deep expertise and track record of successfully delivering complex programs and solutions to our clients worldwide, this team brings the best of the industry practices in executing client programs.

Through a robust data-driven, continually improving process approach, our multi-shored operating models are structured to seamlessly scale our client engagements. Industry certifications such as CMMi Level 3, ISO 9001/27001, and Agile methodologies are at the heart of our operating structure.

When you join our operations group, you will get the opportunity to work in a structured, best practice environment that encourages individuals to learn and grow.


Medical Insights

The core of our business is in the depth of our medical, clinical, and scientific expertise.

Years of harnessing and strengthening our medical talent has helped us truly differentiate our services and products across markets.

Our medical talent comprises clinicians, PhDs, pharma and life science graduates, with an impressive track record of covering practically the universe of specialties, diseases and therapeutic areas.

When you join our medical group, you will be part of an exciting think-tank that is constantly evaluating medical/scientific knowledge and applying them in the range of services and products we offer our clients worldwide.

High-quality learning opportunities

There are several learning opportunities that individuals get the exposure of, regardless of their background, expertise, and area of interest.

Some of these include:

  • Thought Leadership via Knowledge Forums
  • Global SME Talks/Sessions
  • Product Innovation Summits and Hackathons
  • Indegene Conclaves
  • Project Interchange Programs at Client Sites
  • Opportunities to Speak in and Attend leading conferences and summits

Most importantly, if you are in our team, you will work with recognized global experts across business areas solving tough customer challenges with innovative and out-of-the-box thinking.

Most importantly, you will work with recognized global experts across our business areas solving tough customer challenges with innovative and out-of-the-box thinking.