We are an open, culturally diverse company that embraces differences. With a truly global workforce, we are one of the most inclusive and culturally diverse companies in the healthcare solutions sector, worldwide.

We nurture a shared culture that fosters our core values of Passion, Innovation and Collaboration, across our offices in multiple geographies. We provide innovative solutions by integrating our expertise in analytics, technology, operations and medical science.

Our global workforce possesses a unique set of knowledge, experience, and expertise that are critical to our business success. This helps us maintain our role as a trusted and preferred partner to global health care and life sciences organizations to improve health and business outcomes.

We are an equal opportunity employer. All conditions of employment—including but not limited to recruitment, promotion, compensation, benefits, transfers, education, social and recreational programs; are adhered to without regard to race, color, sex, religion, age, national origin, disability, veteran status, or any other demographic, social, or individual status.

Our diverse talent includes analysts, management graduates, clinicians, pharma and lifescience graduates, technologists, creative specialists, domain experts, and business process specialists.

We promote a meritocratic culture with performance being the focus across the employee lifecycle. As our customer base is increasingly varied, we look for people who can best partner with our clients to better understand their needs and provide innovative solutions. We encourage learning and sharing of best practices across all parts of our business.

A vibrant and lively environment encourages everyone to contribute, participate and work collaboratively with each other, resulting ultimately in a great and enterprising work environment.